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Time Warp

| Gotham city

| 1:00 A.M

The bike speed faster as he moved down the streets. He didn't know why, but he felt so betrayed by Bruce's words. He didn't know why the man was so mad at him! He was trying to do what was best, but apparently that wasn't good enough for his mentor. So he rode on, avoiding cars and speeding way past the speed limit. It's not like they were going to pull over him, he was Robin! The words were indented into his brain, the hated words, the glare, the way his mentor treated him as if he was nothing.

He let out a breath of destruction. He sped even faster, noticing a light up ahead had just turned yellow, so he sped as fast as his bike could go, quickly moving out of the way of cars and getting out of the intersection before it turned red. A few cars honked at him but personally he could care less. He didn't need their criticizing; he already had to deal with Bruce's.

He growled as he thought of his mentor. He didn't know why that man had to be so cruel. He heard a clicking sort of noise but ignored it. If he had just slowed down to check the sound it might have saved him from his fate. Suddenly his bake tire completely popped, his front as well, sending him flying of his bike at high speeds, he rolled a few feet, his bike skidding behind him. Until he came to a stop, his back colliding with a street sign, the bike rolled in front of him, before landing directly on his left leg. He let out a scream, his half conscious body feeling every bit of the pain.

Blood poured from cuts and scrapes, red crimson pooling out of his mouth. He slowly looked at his legs, fearing what he'd see. He gasped as he looked at his torn legs. Blood poured out of both, they were shredded to pieces. His vision was blurring in and out, his vision swimming, looking like the world was turning around him.

He lay on his side, pain covering every inch of his body. He coughed, blood splattering onto the ground. He groaned in pain and clenched his eyes shut, gritting his teeth. His face was scrunched up in pain and he just wished for darkness to take him already. He opened his eyes a little, noticing a pair of feet walking towards him, for a moment he thought it was Batman, coming to save him.

His heart abruptly dropped the second he noticed the man's boots were gold. Unless Batman went through a costume change that he didn't know about, this wasn't the man he was hoping for. His ears bused and he could only faintly hear the man's footsteps, in the distance loud sirens called, someone obviously knew he had crashed besides this man.

The man bent down, his face covered in shadows, his hand reached towards Dick, and that's when the boy lost consciousness.

| Gotham city

| 1:00 A.M

Batman typed on the Batcomputer, updating files while listening to a cop radio, he was hoping to be here when Dick got back so he busied himself in his work. He knew what he said was cruel, so he figured he would let the boy cool down a bit. He also made a deal with himself that if Dick wasn't back by 1:30 then he'd go and find him. So really, he figured there was nothing to worry about. Dick was just blowing off steam now.

"Master Bruce? What are you still doing up? And where is Master Richard? He was not in his room."

"Dick and I had a fight, he went to blow off some steam, he should be back soon." Bruce explained.

"And why, may I ask, are you not out searching for him?"

"He needs some time to cool down."

"Yes, and being in a city full of dangerous criminals is a good place to be when your mind is clouded with anger."

Bruce turned to Alfred with one of his eyebrows raised; he still had his cowl down, "Was that sarcasm Alfred?"

"Indeed it was Master Bruce." The old butler had a ghost of a smirk on his face. Bruce returned the smirk, enjoying the peaceful moment for once.

"All available unites; we have an accident on 22nd street, repeat 22nd street. It appears to be a biking accident, we need you down there now to block off the scene." Both Bruce and Alfred turned towards the radio. Bruce stiffened.

"What is it Master Bruce?"

"Dick went out on his bike…" Bruce replied quietly. He pulled up his cowl and headed towards the Batmobile. "I have to make sure it wasn't him."

| Outskirts of Gotham

| 1:30 A.M

Dick awoke in pain; he was surprised he had even woken up. Heck! He was surprised that he was alive! He coughed, blood dripping out of the side of his mouth, his eyes were half lidded as he observed where he was. Crates piled high and sealed doors were in the distance. From the looks of the place, a warehouse, how unoriginal. There were no windows that Dick could see, but he could hear the sound of rain hitting the roof of the warehouse.

Dick could see the light of lightning flash, so there had to be some sort of window somewhere. The boom came soon after. Dick shuttered, he was cold and yet his skin was hot. He looked around again, seeing the same golden boots come towards him again. He growled and looked up at the man. His face was once again canceled in shadows. But still Dick could feel the man's smirk. He wanted to punch the man. Why did every idiotic person in Gotham think it would be fun to kidnap him? He just about hit the man when he realized his arms were tied behind his back. He was surprised at first, but then realized it wasn't really that big of a surprise. Dick looked back up at the man.

"Welcome to your destiny Boy Wonder."
FINALLY! Sorry about that, I'm just so relieved this chapters done. I am so tired. I had a mega sugar rush around 10 P.M and I've sort of broke down. It's almost one and I really need some sleep. Ugh, anyway enjoy the chapter.

I own nothing.
AmberLuv2000 Featured By Owner May 29, 2013
wat?? wat destiny u talkin' 'bout?
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