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Burn it down


| MARCH 24, 3:3O EDT

Wally walked into the warehouse, the same one that he had seen Artemis leave with Kaldur. He sighed, his features tense. He didn't know how he was going to tell both of them, but he needed to. He wouldn't leave the two of them in the dark. He walked towards a few boxes, leaning against them, and waited. He felt terrible, felt like he had gotten hit by a truck in fact. He didn't know what he was going to do. He sighed again; he couldn't just come out and say it. "Hey guys, you know that bomb you put in the Mountain? Ya well Nightwing sort of got caught in the explosion and he might die." Ya, that sounded like it would go over well.

"Wally?" a feminine voice asked into the warehouse.

"Artemis?" He walked towards the voice, the mask of a tiger showed in the dark. Artemis stepped out, her blond hair not really fitting with the color of the costume. Wally always loved her in green, he didn't like the new tiger themed costume, he didn't like having to meet in secret, and he didn't like what he was going to tell her.

Kaldur also stepped out, he took off his helmet, Artemis also took off her mask. Artemis smiled and ran into Wally's arms. She pulled back, putting her hand up to Wally's face. She smiled lovingly at her boyfriend and pulled him into a kiss. He kissed back, his arms wrapped around her waist.

Kaldur, feeling awkward, slowly cleared his throat. Both broke up from the kiss and turned towards their ex leader. "I do not believe you came here to just kiss Artemis." He said, trying to get this conversation to move on. He couldn't risk anyone seeing them. It was too risky.

Wally sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. His throat felt clogged, he couldn't speak, could hardly breathe in fact. Artemis looked worriedly at the red head. "Wally, what's wrong."

Wally clenched his eyes shut, gritting his teeth. He didn't want to say it, but slowly he forced the words out. "Nightwing is dying." The words hurt, he didn't want to say them, he felt as if he was a Krypton and the words were Kryptonite. Artemis gasped and Kaldur just looked stunned.

"What happened?" asked a very flabbergasted Artemis.

"N-Nightwing wanted to make sure everyone was out of the mountain. He didn't get out of there in time, the bomb went off and he wasn't out yet. We-we aren't sure, but we think at the last second he jumped out of the hanger doors, it would explain his broken leg…" Wally didn't say anymore, his throat closing up. Artemis hugged the boy, not wanting the words to be true, but she knew this wasn't a joke, this was real, one of her oldest friends was really dying.


| MARCH 24, 3:35 EDT

Both brothers' ran towards the older, trying desperately to do something. Jason looked lost, his blue-green eyes flashing in every direction. He didn't know what to do, what to think. He wasn't going to let anyone else die, he'd died, but he'd come back, maybe this is why. Maybe he had to look over Tim, and help Dick where needed, it certainty seemed that way right now. He screamed in frustration, he was no doctor, he didn't know anything.

Tim was in shock, his mouth gapped and his eyes flashing over Dick's face, trying to find some life. "Tim," Jason whispered. When Tim didn't respond he called a little louder, "Tim!" the boy looked towards his superior, his eyes lost and hopeless. "Go get one of the doctors!" he called. Tim nodded, running out of the room. Jason put two of his fingers on the side of Dick's neck, trying to find a heartbeat. When he couldn't find it he nearly screamed.

He put his hands to Dick's lips, trying to feel just a little air, but none came through. Jason rapidly thought, trying to think of anything. He knew CPR, but Dick's ribs were broken, and his lung was punctured, would that even help any? Wouldn't that just do more damage? Oh to heck with it! He had to try! He pushed down on Dick's chest, counting in his head, trying to get his older brother's heart beating again.

Still Dick wouldn't breathe; Jason couldn't help but clench his eyes shut, letting a single tear drop from his face. Ever since he came to live with Bruce he was always a jerk to Dick, trying to prove that he could be a better Robin then Dick ever could. But over the years the two had grown close, and right as the two had begun to except each other as brothers Joker had taken Jason.

Jason had heard the story not to long after he came back. Dick and Bruce had looked for him for so long. Dick was having a mental break down but wouldn't give up searching for Jason. When he and Bruce had finally found Jason, minutes after the explosion, both had been devastated. Bruce became darker, and Dick went away. A year later he turned up in Bludhaven, his new city. As soon as Bruce had taken in Tim, Dick had stormed over to Gotham and yelled at the older man, asking him why he would bring another kid into this life after what had happened to Jason.

Finally after some time, Dick accepted he wasn't changing Bruce's or Tim's minds, both were set in stone. Dick had brought Tim into the team, putting him in the lowest team most of the time so he'd stay out of danger. Only once had Tim been on Alpha squad and that was because Dick was there to have his back.

Jason had met Tim not too long ago. Only Tim, Dick, and Bruce actually knew he was still alive, and he planned to keep it that way. He didn't need people running around saying he came back from the dead. Not too long after Jason first came back as Red Hood was when he met Tim. It had been a month after Bruce and Dick had found out. Dick had been shocked, but still relieved his little brother was alive.

Though Jason wasn't as happy to see Dick as the older boy was to see him. When Nightwing and Batman were both chasing him, the only one he was mad at was Bruce. He hadn't meant for Dick to be there and get hurt. The two heroes had chased him into a train station when a train almost hit Dick and Bruce. Dick's leg had been horribly injured, and Jason had felt guilty the second he saw Dick clutching his leg in pain.

Still Jason wished it had just been a leg injury now like it had been back then. But it wasn't. And he couldn't do anything to save Dick. He didn't know what he was supposed to do. Hopelessly he fell to his knees, his hands falling away from Dick and covering his eyes. The bandages had soaked through with blood and now Jason's gloves were covered in it. He took his hands away from his eyes and blood covered around his eyes.

"I'm so sorry Dick… I was always the most useless Robin. I can't even save the man who would do anything for me… I failed you, Tim, Bruce, everyone… just please; don't leave just yet… please." Jason curled into himself. He was losing one of the only people who cared about him… this was it.


| MARCH 24, 3:35 EDT

It felt like ages. All of them just sitting there, grieving. They couldn't do anything. Even if they could it would be too late, this Wally was sure of. Dick's heart would give out any moment. It might have already. For all Wally knew the boy had already passed on. He was gone. A fallen bird clipped of his wings.

Wally screamed with frustration, startling Kaldur and Artemis. The boy turned around and punched one of the crates at super speed, breaking it open. It was empty, no use to him or Dick. Wally cried out and punched it again, basically crippling it.

"Wally, calm down, please." Artemis said calmly. The boy turned to her, his eyes calming a bit.

"We have to do something…" his voice cracked. "We can't just leave him to die. We don't do that to friends- to family." He told them firmly.

"What can we do?" Artemis asked.

Wally looked towards Kaldur, the man he had thought was a trader. He remembered how Kaldur had always been there. He remembered finding Superboy with him, how the Reds attacked and his first thought was to make sure the others were okay first. How he had gone out of his way to save himself and Dick several times.

Then he remembered Robin about a year after the clone Roy incident and the Justice League being put under mind control. Robin had known that something like this might happen. That he might not always be there. So he taught Kaldur how to hack, the ex leader learned well. He wasn't as good as Robin, but he knew how to hack into basic things.

"Kaldur, I need you to hack into the medical files. Tell us where that heart is." Wally said after a while.

"Why, may I ask?" Kaldur asked unsure.

"I'm going after it. It won't get there fast enough."
I'm late, I'm late, I'm so very late. But hey, at least you get to read it now right?

I miss the Wally that actually cares for his friends.

I hate this douche bag Wally.

Also I know that isn't Jason's or Dick's real story for the most part. I just wanted them to have a more brotherly connection.

Anyway, enjoy the suspense of this third chapter!
Weareforeverchanging Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I just cried for two minutes straight. My mom thinks i'm crazy.
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You. Are. Killing. Me. Inside. Slowly.
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interresting. I hope Richard doesnt die!
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